Ringing the NYSE Opening Bell

January 23, 2020

15 years ago I had just spent every penny I had growing my small business. Two weeks ago, I was on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to ring the opening bell. It was one of the most memorable moments in my career.

As an entrepreneur, you always start a business hoping that one day you’ll make it to the top of your industry. My goal from day one was to build something that would be recognized on the largest stage possible. That’s why I was proud the day my company was purchased by RCI, which is owned by publicly-traded Wyndham Destinations. I felt my company had more than earned respect—I felt that it was being recognized by the industry as a whole as a significant value-generating entity.

Of course, the drive that I had to make my business successful couldn’t just be turned off. I was asked by RCI to stay on through the transition and take my company to the next level. I was happy to do so. I know my company can achieve even more, and I don’t want to walk away just yet.

So, as part of my new role with RCI and Wyndham, I was in New York City for strategy meetings two weeks ago. In those meetings, I had the privilege to discuss with the company leadership about how my company’s technology will further fuel growth. It was at the conclusion of those meetings that Wyndham Destinations was asked to participate in ringing the bell to recognize it’s first full year of operation.

If you don’t know, the NYSE rings its bell at the start and finish of every trading day. It’s broadcast to over 100 million viewers on TV and online. Distinguished guests, including executives, politicians, and celebrities, have been invited to participate since 1956.

I was deeply honored to be asked to join Wyndham Destinations and RCI executives on stage to ring the NYSE opening bell. The honor largely comes from knowing that what I had built is respected so deeply that it is top of mind for occasions like this. As I said on social media, doing business at this level is what it’s all about for entrepreneurs like me.

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